Saturday, February 21, 2009

Baby News

The news is out and we are so excited....

Brock is going to be a Big Brother on September 28, 2009!!!!

We had our first doctor's visit this past Wednesday and everything looks good. Baby Slocumb #2 has a great heartbeat and looks great. I do not really have morning sickness just feeling very sick in the late afternoon. Also, the terrible heartburn is already back (no fun!). Other than that, we are doing great. Next step is to get Brock potty trained by September so that we are not buying diapers for two.
We can't wait!!!!

Update in Pics #3

Little Home Depot employee

Working on his new Work Bench

Auburn Basketball Game with Wilson

Brock at the Auburn vs. Mississippi State Basketball Game

Playing with Miss McKenzie

Update in Pics #2

Playing with Granna & Olivia

Playing ball with Olivia

Brock & Olivia looking for the ball...aren't they so cute!

Brock's Valentine Party at school (The Cuddly Cows)

Brock at school

Swinging at the park

Holding hands with Caroline : )

Playing at the park with Caroline

Update in Pics #1

We have been doing a lot lately but not much time for blogging. Here are some of the things that we have been doing in pictures. Enjoy!
Brock's hair before his first haircut
Brock getting his hair cut (he loved it!)

Brock with his new big boy haircut...he looks so big!

Olivia's First Birthday Party...she loved the icing : )

Monday, February 2, 2009


It has been so long since I have blogged! About a month has gone by and I am just now finding time to sit down and fill you in on what has been going on.

1) Brock is still going to school on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 till noon. I am teaching a course this quarter at WCTC from 8 am till 10:15 am on those same two days. It is working out great and Brad gets to take Brock to school in the mornings and then I get to pick him up. He LOVES school, or as he calls it church. He is talking more and learning more and I am excited that he likes it so much.

2) Haircut~ Brock got his first official haircut on Jan. 23. We had taken him before to get his hair trimmed but we left all the curls because everyone wanted us to. This time we got it all cut off. It is adorable! He looks so much older and like a little boy instead of a baby. He was great during the haircut. He sat in the chair like a big boy and did everything that the lady asked him to do.

3) Olivia's 1st Birthday!!! On Jan. 22 my niece turned ONE!!! I cannot believe that she is already one. Time flies... We had a great time at the party and she dug right into her cake and her gifts. Brock told everyone 'Thank You" for Olivia since she cannot talk yet : ) Happy First Birthday sweet girl...we love you!

4) Toddler Bed~ We converted Brock's crib to a toddler bed about a week ago. At night he is doing great. Nap time, however, is a different story. He will not go to sleep in there! He gets up and plays. Any suggestions???? He seems to love the bed and loves to jump on it but there is just something about taking a nap in it that he does not like. Hopefully it will be better or I might have to get back out the pack-n-play for nap time!

We hope that you are all doing great! Hopefully I will update more often but this quarter is extremely busy with teaching two classes and tutoring. Also, my computer is still terribly slow so that I why I have not uploaded pics in a while. Hopefully soon...

Have a great week : )