Thursday, August 28, 2008


WAAAARRRRR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are heading to Auburn for the game this weekend. Brock is going to the game with us so it should be lots of fun. We will have an update with pics when we get home on Sunday. We hope that you have a great weekend!

Pictures to Share

Brock eating ribs...yum yum!!

Brock driving the boat and this time we were really out on the lake (usually he "drives" it when it is in the boat house).
Brock acting like he is taking a chance...this child does not miss a thing!

Brock playing with sweet!

Brock wearing dad's t-shirt...he looks like a little ghost.

Brock stuck in his coloring container...he is such a funny little guy.

Brock waving to me while I was trying to take his this age, I cannot seem to get a decent picture made of him so I just take what I can get.

Lastly, this is my newest creation....a Diaper Cake. My aunt Opal and sister Brandi have been making them for shower gifts so I decided to give it a try. Not bad for the first time...we will see if this is still standing next Sunday for the Baby Shower.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Meet the Teachers

Last Thursday night, Brad and I went to Brock's Parent Orientation for his little school that he will start next Wednesday. We got to meet his teachers and see where and what he will be doing at "school". Today, I took Brock to meet his teachers. Ms. Morgan and Mrs. Robinson are going to be teaching Brock at the Early Learning Center at First Baptist Douglasville this year. He will be going on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 -12. I am so excited for him. Pretty much they just play and have snacks. There are 8 little boys and girls in his class. I really think that this will be good for him since he usually only gets to play with mommy. I am excited too because I will get a little time to run errands or do whatever I want for 3 hours, 2 days a week....yeah!! I will let you know how the first day goes next week.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend Fun

On Friday night Brock went to spend the night with Granna & Grandaddy Greg. They went out to dinner and then spent lots of time playing. I know that Brock probably wore them out! When I went to pick him on Saturday, they were playing in a "house". Granna had brought a big box home from work and had cut some "windows" in the sides. It was so cute! I brought it home and plan on painting it sometime this week so that Brock can continue to play in his "house".

Since Brock was at Granna's, Brad and I got to go to dinner on Friday night. It was nice to not have to rush. We went to Carrabba's which is one of our favorite places. It was really good!!

On Saturday, we went to Pop & D's at the lake. It was a dreary day outside but we still had a good time. Brock had fun riding on the boat and playing outside. He fed the fish and ducks. He loves to say "fish" and now is saying "lake".

When we got home on Saturday night, I ordered my new computer program for my monogram machine. I am so excited!!! Hopefully this will allow me to do many more things. I am going to practice and hopefully make some cute stuff....I will keep you posted.

We had a great weekend and we hope that you did too!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

August 21st

Today is special for two reasons:

Brock is 20 months old today! I cannot believe how he is growing so fast. He is still a little guy weighing only about 23 or 24 pounds. His hair is finally growing good and he has a good bit of blonde hair. He is VERY active and loves to climb and crawl on everything!! His favorite show is now "Barney" instead of "Blues Clues". He loves playing with his blocks and toy broom. He is trying his best to talk so much. His favorite words right now are "knock knock", "Amen", "light", and "peace". Brad has taught him to flex his muscles when he says "show me your guns" which is so funny. This age is really fun and Brock is learning so much. I know the terrible twos are quickly approaching (some days I think they are already here) and I hope that they do not last long. We are looking forward to all the special days ahead!

Emery is ONE today! Emery is our niece that lives in Auburn. We will be celebrating with her next Sunday at her party. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMERY!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Crib vs. Toddler Bed

Brock is going to be 20 months old this week....I cannot believe it. I am trying to decide if he is ready for the conversion of his crib to a toddler bed. Right now, when he wakes up he has to yell "mom" or "dad" for us to come and get him. That is nice. This way we know where he is. If we convert to a toddler bed, then he can get out on his own, which scares me a little. I know that he is getting older and is a "toddler" but is he really ready for the toddler bed??? For you moms out there, when did you convert to toddler beds and what are your suggestions for a smooth transition? Thanks for all your help (in advance).

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Family Fun Day

Today we decided to spend the day together as a family. We wanted Brock to do something fun so we took him to the IMAGINE IT!! Children's Museum in Atlanta. We had a great time! Brock got to play in the balls, with a train, in the work zone, in the sand, paint a picture, tumble on the mats, fish, and much more. I really suggest this place if you have children under 8 and are looking for something for children to do in the Atlanta area. We certainly will take Brock again. After we left the museum we decided to walk over to Olympic Park. It was neat to see and to remember that in 1996 the Olympics were in Atlanta. We then headed to The Varsity. You just cannot go to Atlanta without eating at the famous Varsity. Brock was exhausted and slept on the way home. We had a great day together and we hope that you did too!!

On the way to the Museum

Turning somersaults (with dad's help)

Playing in the sand with dad (we really like Moon Sand!!)

Painting a picture with mom (he is such a great artist at 19 months)

Sliding down the banana slide

Driving the fork lift

Fishing in the little pond with a cute little rain coat on

Future Construction worker

Lunch at The Varsity
We ended the day with our friends Jason, Megan & McKenzie at the new Japanese Steakhouse in Douglasville. We had a great time and Brock got to experience the habachi grill for the first time. (I usually do not eat Japanese food but did not want to pass up a great time of fellowship with our friends. )

Friday, August 15, 2008


Thank goodness it is Friday!!! This week has been busy with errands, work, gym, visits, and playing. I am still working on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Brock is still enjoying playing with his babysitter. He seems to take better naps for her instead of me (wonder why that is???). We took a quick trip to Cedartown on Wednesday to visit grandparents and great-grandparents. Today we had a lunch date with Megan and McKenzie. Now, we are finally home to rest before the weekend begins. We are planning to take Brock to the IMAGINE IT Children's Museum tomorrow so that he can play and explore. We will post pics when we get home. Other than that we are just going to hang out. We hope that you have a GREAT weekend!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Baby in the Family

Congratulations to my cousin Mary and her husband Matt!!!! Mary had her little baby girl today at 1:12 pm. Her name is Maris Kate and she weighs 7 lbs. 1 oz. Mary had a really short labor and everything is going great. Please pray for them as this is a huge life change and for the health of the sweet baby girl.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

At the "Beach"

Today Brock and I spent a lot of time playing together. Brad had to work because of quarter end close at the Home Depot so Brock and I spent another day of quality time together. First, we took a walk around the neighborhood. Brock loves to ride in his stroller and point out all the "burds" (birds) along the way. On the way home, we stopped at the neighborhood playground and played. After we got home and had a "nack" (snack) we then went outside and played in his little pool that Granna and Grandaddy Greg bought him. He calls it the "beach" so that is the reason for today's blog title. He played and splashed for a while and then it was lunch and nap time. I was exhausted too so I took a little nap myself. This afternoon we played blocks and colored. It was a really good day and Brock did not have to go to time out one time. I love Saturdays that we do not have much planned and we can just hang out. Saturdays are about to get busy with AUBURN football games.....YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Uneventful Week

It has been a week since making a post and I know that you are just wondering what have we been doing.....nothing!!!!

This week we have just been taking it easy. Brock's face is much better. All the red spots are gone and the color of his cheek is turning back to the pinkish color that it usually is. He has been playing with his blocks and Little People car garage this week and asking "What's this?" all week long. Hopefully he is learning what we tell him but he is already asking "What's this?" again before we can answer him the first time. He is getting more teeth and is back to drooling a lot. He has also developed a love for Barney this week. He wants to watch it all the time and he loves to dance to all the songs. He got to meet a new friend on Wednesday, Matthew. He was born in June and hopefully will be playing with him soon. (I went to Auburn with Matthew's mom and we were both Tri-Deltas. Brad works with his dad at Home Depot....small world.) Tonight, Brock had a date with Miss McKenzie. We went to dinner with our friends, Jason & Megan and their daughter. Both children were so good and so that made the dinner more enjoyable. Other than that, just a slow uneventful week here at The Slocumb home. We hope that you had a great week.

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, August 1, 2008

No news is good news

Not really much going on here this week. We have just been relaxing and playing while Brock's face is recovering. All the swelling is gone and most of the red marks or "blueberries" are disappearing. Now we just have to wait on the red on his cheek to fade so that we can see if the surgery is working. He is such a little trooper and has not let the whole surgery thing bother him at all. We hope that you have a great weekend!!