Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nap Time

I am posting this message for feedback. I need suggestions for nap time. Brock just will not really take a nap during the day. He might fall asleep in the car for 10-20 minutes but as soon as I try to get him out of the car and into his bed he cries. If I rock him and nap with him then he will nap. I want him to nap alone during the that unrealistic? He is great at going to bed at night. He goes right to sleep with hardly any fussing. He sleeps about 11 hours at night. Does that mean that he is not sleepy during the day? If you have any suggestions, please pass them along. I will take any advice that I can get. Next week might be nap boot camp at our house :-)

We are off to the beach tomorrow with Brad's family so we will have lots to report and pictures to post when we get back. Have a great rest of the week and weekend!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Booster Seat

This weekend we bought Brock a new Booster seat. He has been sitting in his high chair and does really well. But we are going to the beach on Thursday and thought that we needed a booster seat. Tonight at dinner we let him try out his new seat. As you can tell by the pictures, he LOVES it. What little things make him so happy :-).

Thursday, April 24, 2008

16 Months Old

This post should have been on Monday, April 21 but things got busy and well I just forgot. Brock turned 16 months old on the 21st. I just cannot believe how fast that he is growing. He is trying to talk a lot more but mainly the words that we can understand are ball, book, Bud (for Buddy the dog), Brock, bye bye, hey, and nack (for snack). It is so funny some days because he is just telling you something and you just do not understand. He is loving his new swing on his swing set and likes to go out every day to play. He likes to play in the tub with all his water toys so I hope that he is going to like the beach. (We are going next week with Brad's family). He loves to eat chicken, Ritz Bits, Teddy Grams, wheat pancakes, and any bread item. He is a ray of sunshine and we are blessed to have him in our lives.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tagged, again

My friend Leslie tagged me so now you're about to know some useless information about me!

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
Ten years ago I was a freshman at Auburn University....War Eagle!!

2. Five Things on my To Do List Today
~Go to the gym
~Buy and plant flowers
~Call Emory about Brock's next laser treatment
~Eat dinner at Moe's

3. Five Snacks I enjoy
~Kit Kat
~Soft pretzels
~Chocolate chip cookies
~Cheese & crackers

4. Five Things I would do if I were a Billionaire
~Build a house
~Buy a beach home
~Take more trips
~Give to the church/needy
~Buy a Lake house (for Brad)

5. Five Bad Habits
~Checking email too often
~Picking at the cuticles on my fingernails
~Popping my knuckles
~Eating too much bread
~Drinking too much Coke

6. Five Places I've Lived
~Villa Rica, GA
~Dallas, GA
~Auburn, AL
~Cedartown, GA
~(that is all)

7. Five Jobs I've Had
~Adjunct Instructor at West Central Technical College
~Math Teacher in Paulding County
~Cashier at Bradford's Drug Store
~Cashier at Auburn University Bookstore
~Bookkeeping Department at First National Bank

Now, You're IT!

Monday, April 21, 2008

New Title

I have been trying to think of a cute title for our blog rather than just The Slocumb Family. Last night, something finally came to me. B cubed. For those of you who do not know what this means, it means B to the third power or 3 B's. Yes, I am a math dork and so is Brad so we thought that this title would be fitting for Brad, Brooke & Brock. At least it will give you a laugh for the day. Happy Monday! (Hopefully Brad will post his 100 Things tonight...we will see.)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

100 Things

My friends Joy and Carmen both tagged me to write 100 Things about Me.
Here we go....
1. My birth date is October 16, 1978.
2. I was born in Rome, Georgia.
3. My parents are David Brock and Anne Stewart.
4. I have one older sister.
5. Her name is Brandi and she is married to Mike.
6. They have one little girl, Olivia, that was born in January (my niece).
7. My sister and I are 3 years apart in age.
8. I grew up in Cedartown, Georgia and lived there all my life until college.
9. My parents divorced when I was 6.
10. They both remarried and my step-mother is Dinah and my step-father is Greg. They have been remarried for 20 years.
11. I went to Pre-School at First Methodist in Cedartown.
12. This is where I met my best friends Molly, Kim and Lindsay. Yes, we are still friends!!!
13. We took ballet together and were “Blue Birds of Happiness”.
14. I went to kindergarten at Northside where I cried every day because I did not want to sit by boys. (isn’t that too funny)
15. This is when I decided that I was going to quit school forever.
16. My parents changed that decision for me and I continued on to Elementary school at Cherokee.
17. This is where I got in trouble for talking too much in the first grade. My partner in crime was Shelby. I will never forget this.
18. I decided that ballet was not for me and I started to clog.
19. I was a Peach Blossom Clogger and I loved it!!! I wish that I could still take clogging.
20. I also thought that I wanted to play softball….bad mistake. I was horrible to say the least.
21. So, I played basketball. I think that I only got to play because I was tall.
22. I then went on to attend Purks Middle School. This is where my basketball career began (Ha Ha).
23. I played on the JV basketball team in the 8th grade.
24. I loved being in Junior Beta Club and enjoyed going to all the Beta Conventions.
25. My principal was Mr. Montgomery. He was so nice. He died of cancer but was such a special person.
26. My high school years were spent at Cedartown High School.
27. We were the Bulldogs…..any dogs in the house?
28. I hate the Georgia Bulldogs!
29. This is when I decided to stop sitting the bench in basketball and try Track.
30. My friend Kim and I had some really good times running track (or walking in our case.)
31. Coach Dabbs was our coach and he was a wonderful role model.
32. I was saved in 1994 and am proud to say that I am a Christian.
33. I had a GREAT math teacher, Mrs. Bojo. She inspired me to become a math teacher.
34. I got a Grand Am for my 16th Birthday that we named the “Burgandy Bomber”…fun times!!
35. I had a special group of friends in high school and we had some really great times “Cruising Main”.
36. I graduated in 1997.
37. I was the salutatorian of my class.
38. The only college that I applied to was Auburn University.
39. I moved there in the Fall of 1997.
41. I went through Rush and became a Delta Delta Delta.
42. I roomed with my best friend Molly my freshmen year. Kim lived off campus.
43. I had many special sorority sisters. (Carmen, Emily, Karena, Stacy)
44. Carmen set me up for a Social with Brad and that is where our story began.
45. I met Brad, my awesome husband, the fall of my sophomore year.
46. Our first group date was to eat ice cream at the Flush.
47. Our first real date was to the Cracker Barrel and the Columbus Fair. If you know me, you know that these are my least favorite places. However, I decided to give him a second chance : -)
48. Brad drove a really big car. It was a Grand Marquis. We called it Hercules. (I was so glad when he finally got a little red truck).
49. The “Cedartown girls” met some “Dothan people” and we became good friends. (HEY!!!)
50. My four years at Auburn were GREAT!!!!! I loved every minute of it and would love to be a college kid again. All the friends that I made are great people and I miss all of you!!
51. Well, it was all great except for the one speeding ticket that I got. I was terrified!! (Kim, do you remember this?)
52. Brad and I dated throughout college. Brad graduated in the Winter and moved to Atlanta to work for Home Depot.
53. Brad has a really great family. They made me feel welcome from the very beginning. Dad (Bob) and Mom (Peggy) live in Auburn. Robert and Jen have two children, Wilson and Emery. They are precious. Mike and Heidi also live in Auburn. Brad would love to move there but it is too far for me.
54. I graduated in June 2001.
55. I majored in Secondary Mathematics Education.
56. I moved to Dallas, Georgia and began teaching in Paulding County.
57. Brad and I got engaged at the Sun Dial atop The Westin in Atlanta in August of 2001.
58. We got married in June 2002 at First Methodist Church in Cedartown.
59. Our Wedding was very special even with the blooper…we had interference from the Catholic church coming through on the mike…it was not funny then and I am still trying to find it funny now.
60. Brad is an amazing husband and now father. He is truly a blessing.
61. We moved to Villa Rica.
62. We live in Mirror Lake.
63. I taught 8th grade Math for three years at East Paulding Middle School.
64. I met some really good friends…Tammy, Sara, Molly, Gretchen and Laura.
65. I started working on my Master’s degree at Piedmont College.
66. I finished in 1 ½ years and received my Master’s degree in Math Education.
67. I decided I wanted to teach high school math and transferred to Paulding County High School.
68. This was a Major mistake!!
69. I did meet two great people, Kristy and Keisha.
70. I “retired” after teaching just 4 short years.
71. I decided I wanted to do something different so I began working at Sylvan Learning Center.
72. I was the Director of Education and also a teacher.
73. I got pregnant and decided to be a stay home mom when he was born.
74. I never thought that I would do this until I actually got pregnant and realized how special he was going to be and how I wanted to spend as much time with him as I could.
75. We did not care if it was a boy or girl, as long as the baby was healthy. We had names picked out either way….Aubrie Ann or Brock Thomas.
76. Brock Thomas Slocumb was born on December 21, 2006.
77. He weighed 9 pounds 1 ounce and was 19 inches long.
78. It was a terrible delivery…I will spare the details.
79. However, a precious little blessing was born that day and it was all worth it.
80. After staying home for several months with Brock, I decided that I wanted to use my brain a little more so I began teaching classes at West Central Technical College.
81. I love it!!!!
82. I get to actually teach students who want to learn and I do not have to deal with all the garbage of middle or high school….it is like a dream come true.
83. We attend Midway Macedonia Church.
84. We really like it and we love our Life Group.
85. I love going to Auburn football games. Thanks to Brad’s parents we are able to go each season.
86. Brock has no option for college except Auburn. He will NOT attend UGA.
87. I love to scrapbook.
88. I have a new embroidery/sewing machine and I am learning to make things. Hopefully one day I will be good enough to sell things.
89. I love to read People Magazine.
90. I listen to J 93.3 (a Christian radio station) in my car on the radio. (with a Blues Clues DVD playing in the background).
91. I LOVE the beach.
92. I hate feet but love to get pedicures.
93. My maternal grandparents, Carolyn and Curtis Maxwell and my paternal grandmother, Martha Miller, are very special to me. My paternal grandfather, Charles Brock, passed away right after I graduated from Auburn. We miss you Pop!
94. My mother is great and has such a loving heart. My father is great also and will help do anything. Thanks for being great parents!
95. My best friends, Molly & Kim, and their spouses, Jason & Reese, along with Brad and I are going to Las Vegas in July to celebrate our 30th Birthdays.
96. I look forward to going to the gym every day with my friend Molly (even though I am not losing weight). Brock gets to play with her 3 boys at the nursery. My favorite is Step and Spin.
97. My favorite TV show is Desperate Housewives.
98. My favorite food is chicken…yum yum.
99. I love slice-n-bake chocolate chip cookies with milk.
100. I love to sleep….Good Night!

This was really hard to do. I am usually a woman of few words so thinking of this was hard. I am sure that I left out a lot of stuff but at least this gives you a little more info about me.

Now, I tag Heth, Cindy, Leslie, and Brad. Hopefully this will make Brad post something since he is slacking on the Blog.

Friday, April 18, 2008

End of the Week

Yesterday Brock and I went to visit little Olivia and Aunt Brandi. Brandi has to go back to work next week so we went to visit before she goes back. Olivia is growing so much and is such a sweet and pretty baby. Brock is getting a little better with her. He will go up to her, grab her hand, and say "Hey" is so cute! I cannot wait for them to be able to play together.

This afternoon I made dinner for our friends in our Life Group class, Megan & Jason, and their sweet baby girl McKenzie. She is one week old and is just precious. We hope that McKenzie and Brock will become best friends. Megan is going to stay home next year with the McKenzie so Brock and I look forward to hanging out with them. Congratulations Megan & Jason!!!

Tonight we took Brock outside to play for a little bit. We got him a new Scooby Doo ball and a little plastic wagon. He had the best time playing with his new toys. He usually pitches a fit when we come in but tonight he actually came in without a fight. Hopefully Brad and my dad will get the swing set finished this weekend so Brock can play on it. I know that he will love it.

One last thing....
My friend Molly called today and wanted to know some tricks to help her little girl Caroline eat more types of food. I really could not give her much advice since Brock eats mainly chicken and Ritz Bits. So, if you are reading and have some suggestions, please pass them along. Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Favorite Toy

Toys, toys, toys.....

My house stays a disaster because Brock likes to get out all the toys he has and then leave them all over the house. With his birthday and Christmas in the same week, he got so many toys that some of them are still in the box. However, with all the toys that he has he seems to think that playing with an old water bottle or piece of paper is the most fun. One toy that has become his favorite is the Sit and Spin Zebra. He likes to get on this zebra and bounce around and play the music. If you do not have one of these for your toddler, I recommend it.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today is my step father's birthday.
(We will keep the age a secret :-))
We just wanted to wish him a very Happy Birthday.
Have a great day Greg!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Greg,
Happy Birthday to you.
And many more!!!!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


The past few days Brock has gotten to play with all his grandparents. On Thursday night, he spent the night with Granna and Grandaddy Greg (my mom and step dad). Of course he was good because he got everything he wanted....that what grandparents are for, right? He got to play outside a little and he played with all the plastic Easter eggs left over from Easter Sunday. He had a great time!!

On Saturday, Brock's Mimi and Gaga (Brad's parents) came for a visit. We played all morning and then went to lunch and to the mall. Brock entertained all day and showed them all his new "tricks". They had just gotten back from a trip to Hawaii and brought Brock back a little car with a surfboard. He played with it and loved it. In three weeks we are going to the beach with Mimi, Gaga, Uncle Mike, Aunt Heidi, Uncle Robert, Aunt Jen, and cousins Wilson & Emery. We are looking forward to it!

Today, Brock got to see his Pop and Dinah (my dad and step mom). They came over to visit and to help put together Brock's new swing set (see picture below). The swing set is going to be lots of fun for Brock because he loves it outside. However, it is going to take another week or so to finish since there is so much work involved in putting it together. I cannot wait for his little friends to come over and play. Brock played outside a little today. It was cool and windy but he got to fly a kite for the first time. He played so much that he did not even nap this afternoon. Thanks Pop & Dinah!

We cannot wait to see all the grandparents again. They are so special to us and I am so glad that Brock gets to spend time with each of them.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring Quarter

Last night, my math class at West Central Tech started back. They are still on the quarter system and the class only lasts 10 weeks. I am teaching only one class this quarter. I love this job!!! It has been the best experience for me. It gives me a chance to still teach math, which I love (just call me a dork) and still stay home with Brock. I hope to one day maybe go full time or at least teach two full days a week. However, I am not ready to give up my time with Brock yet. This is a really good class, I can already tell and it looks like it is going to be a great quarter.

Brock is getting to spend the night with Granna tonight. She is on Spring Break and wanted to keep him one night. I am sure they will have lots of fun. People always tell me how good he is at their house. I know why....they give him everything he wants! :-) Brock also has a new word to add to his vocabulary He now covers his eyes and says "boo" or hides behind something and sticks his head out and says "boo". It is so cute.

Since Brock is spending the night away, Brad and I are going on a "date". We are going to the Cheesecake Factory....yum yum! Have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


We have a little 15 month old Einstein in our house! Tonight we were going outside to play after dinner since Brock loves to go outside. We were all in our bedroom and I told Brock to go and get his shoes so that we could go outside. Brad said, if he comes back in here with his shoes I will be amazed. A few minutes later, in walked Brock with his shoes. He went to his room, opened the drawer where his shoes stay, got out two matching shoes and came back to us. What a genius! He amazes us everyday with what he is learning and understanding.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Today we went for a visit to Cedartown. It is about 45 minutes away and this is usually when Brock takes a nap. We visited with grandparents and great grandparents. Brock got to play outside a little bit. With all the pollen, we could not stay out long. I have allergies and I think that Brock is going to have allergies too. Here is Brock picking a flower.

The flower is a tulip. Tulips are my favorite flower. Every Fall Brad plants some tulip bulbs so that I can have lots of tulips in the Spring. (This year was an exception for some reason :-( ) I love all the colors and just love how pretty they are. This year my Nanny also had some really pretty tulips (see picture). Tulips mean Spring time and I hope that the weather warms up so that it feels like Spring and Brock can get outside to play. He absolutely loves it outside. I hope that you have a happy Spring and come play with us if you can.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Birthday Party

Today we went to Brock's girlfriend's 1st Birthday party. We had a really good time and got to visit with lots of sweet Cedartown friends. Thanks to the Jordan family for a fun time!

You might be asking why Brock already has a girlfriend at the young age of 1. Well, this is sort of an arranged friendship. The special girl is Caroline. She is the daughter of one of my best friends, Molly and her husband Jason. We have been best friends since preschool. We went to school together from preschool all the way through college at Auburn. They are such special people and we so want our children to have the same friendship. So for now, we approve of Brock's girlfriend and we will see how the relationship grows. Brock is still a little shy but today Caroline was making the moves on Brock. She wanted to touch him and play with him. They are really cute together.

Brock also met up with another little girl at the party. Her name is Ava Ann. She is the sweet daughter of my friend Lindsay and her husband Chad. So watch out Caroline.... :-)

Happy 1st Birthday, sweet Caroline!!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Play Date

Today Brock's three best friends came over to play. Camden, Hudson, and Lawson have been Brock's friends since birth (well Lawson came along in February). They play together almost every day at the gym nursery or church nursery. They get along so well. I really enjoy seeing Brock play with others. He gets so excited and has the best time. We are truly blessed to have such great friends (The Jones family) in our neighborhood. Here is a picture of them you know how hard it is to get four little boys (3 and under) to pose for a picture? It is not easy so this is the best that I can do, pardon Brock's stomach hanging out :-)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Favorite Snack

From the beginning, Brock (or who I like to call my little munchkin) has been a real picky eater. He never really liked baby food except if we would mix it with cereal. He slowly started to eat "big people food", well mainly chicken (but he gets that from his mommy). He does not drink anything but milk and water. So you can see why the little fellow only weighs 22 pounds. However, he has found a new snack that he LOVES....Ritz Bits with peanut butter. He stands at the pantry door and just bangs on it until I finally give in and get him some. The next time that I post about his weight it will say that he weighs 35 pounds because all he does now is eat Ritz Bits. Oh well, at least he is eating something.