Thursday, May 29, 2008

Weekly Update

Not much is going on this week at the Slocumb home. On Monday, we went to a cookout at our friends Megan & Jason's house. They have a new little baby, McKenzie. We played Uno Attack and it is so much fun. If you are someone that likes to play games, then I highly recommend it. Fun times!

Brock is doing great with his naps. Thanks for all the advice from the previous post. He goes down without even crying now and it is so great. He plays with a book, ball and tiger until his drifts off to sleep. He sleeps about 1 to 2 hours and I finally have some time to get some things done around the house. It only took 17 months to make this happen but I can promise with the next baby (if there is one) they will nap on their own before this age.

Brock is eating more things now. He pretty much eats everything that we give him as long as he can use his plastic fork. He really likes to feed himself so you can imagine the mess that we have after every meal. Ritz Bits are not really his favorite snack anymore, all he does is eat the peanut butter out of them and throws the crackers on the floor. He likes to eat animal crackers and graham crackers.

Discipline is becoming an issue at our house. Brock has been experiencing "time out". He has started hitting when he does not get his way. You know that he knows what he is doing by the look on this face and the grunt sound that he makes. Hopefully he will stop this soon.

That is about all to report today. I will leave you on a good note: Mike and Heidi (Brad's brother and wife) are expecting a baby in January so Brock will have a new cousin and also my friend Sara and her husband Cory are expecting a baby in February. Congratulations!!!!!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

A Day at the Lake

Yesterday we took Brock to my dad's house on Lake Weiss. It was a beautiful day and Brock got to spend a lot of time outside like he LOVES to do. He is not big enough to go fishing yet but when he hits 30 pounds, he has a life jacket and is ready. We played outside most of the day. Brock got to swing, pretend that he was driving the boat, and see some fish. He was scared of the fish but loved the other stuff. Here are some pictures of out day at the lake. We hope that you have a Happy Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Going to School

It's official...Brock is growing up! Brock and I went this morning to First Baptist Douglasville to visit their Pre-School Program. We loved it! I enrolled him for Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00-12:00. He is going to have so much fun. There will be 8 children in his class and they are going to do lots of fun things and learn lots of stuff. He will start in September and go through next May. This will give him a chance to play with other children and for me to meet new moms and possibly teach a morning class at West Central Tech instead of a night class. It makes me sad to think that he is growing up but excited to know that he is going to have such a great time in a great Christian environment. (Our church does not have a program like this so that is why we are going to a different church.)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Storm Damage, Again

In mid-March we had a bad storm with very large size hail (the size of baseballs) which caused damage to our roof. About two weeks ago, we got our new roof and it looked great. Last night, we had another storm. This time a tree fell on our house. I was tutoring, as mentioned in the previous post, and a limb fell right in front of the window. I said to the girl that I was tutoring, "I am glad that did not hit your car". Then I looked up and there was a tree on the house. Luckily, it hit on the garage and not a part that we were in. We did not think that it did much damage until this morning when Brad went into the attic and he said he saw tree limbs. Therefore, it looks like we will be getting part of a new roof again. Brad thinks that this is our sign to move. We will see...... Of course, the Insurance said they are busy and cannot send someone out for several days so we are going with the same company that fixed the roof the first time and then let them handle it with insurance. Hopefully this will be all the repairs on our house for a while. Here are some pics of the damage.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

School is Out....well, almost

Today I will be tutoring for the last time for this school year. I have been working with a 10th grade girl in Algebra II and a 9th grade boy in Algebra I. They both have their final exam tomorrow. I love it!!! It is so nice to sit down with someone one on one and help them. They have worked hard this year and I am so proud of them. I call myself a math nerd because I love doing math. It allows me to use my brain and do something that I love. I will miss tutoring over the summer but look forward to it picking back up in the Fall. For you other stay home moms, share your ideas on what you do outside of your children.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Brock's Playhouse

Finally.....After about two months of waiting the swing set is finished!!!! Yeah!!! Brad and I wanted to get Brock a swing set to play on since he loves being outside. We did not realize what a task it would be to put together. (My advice is to get one with installation if you are planning on getting one.) The directions said 8-10 hours. Well, it took a little more time than that but now it is finished and it looks great! My dad (or Pop to Brock) came and helped on two days and then Brad did all the finishing touhces. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!!!! Brock played on it today and he loves it! He can swing or slide, it has a glider, rock wall, climbing net, playhouse, and picnic table. You are all welcome to come and play whenever you want.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Today Brock and I had our first "art" lesson also known as coloring. He has been coloring me pictures while at the gym nursery so today I bought him some washable fat crayons and some paper so that he could color at home. Below is the result. We tried to learn four colors: red, blue, orange, & green. He did pretty good and stayed on the paper for the most part. He did decide to color on the ottoman as soon as I turned my back but at least they are washable. As a little girl I loved to color so I had a really good time too!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Teeth

We just wanted to report that Brock has five new teeth. He has gotten three on bottom and two on top. No wonder he has been a little fussy lately....his mouth has been killing him! Teeth are a slow go for us so we are so happy to get some new ones. He can finally eat a little better and chew things up. Yeah!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

We just wanted to wish all Mother's a wonderful Mother's Day. We are so thankful for all of our Mother's and all they do for us. We are truly blessed! We hope that you all have a wonderful day.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Newest with Brock

This post is just to update you on a few new things that Brock has been doing lately. First, he is now eating cheeseburgers. He loves them! I know they are not that healthy for him but I am just glad that he is eating more than chicken. Next, he can give you "five". He thinks that is it is so funny. He can also give you "ten" if you ask him. Lastly, he is learning parts of his body. He can point to his nose, ear, eye, mouth, hair and belly when you ask him where they are. When you say "Brock, where is your belly?" he likes to raise his shirt and pat his belly. It is so cute! When you ask where is his mouth, he just opens it really big. I am sure there is so much more but these are the things that he really likes right now. We are working on blowing kisses, but he really has not gotten the hang of it yet.

We hope that you have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Beach Trip

This past weekend Brock took his second trip to the beach. We went to Destin with Brad's family. It was a lot of fun and we had a great time! We got there on Thursday and went to the beach. Brock really did not like the sand touching him. Every time he would get sand on his hands he had to wipe it off. We finally put water in his sand bucket so that he could rinse them off. The second day he played a little better because Wilson and GaGa played with him in the sand. He did not like the ocean water but it was a red flag so we stayed out. We took him to the pool and let him float around in his car. The ladies in the pool flirted with him and he loved it. It was very windy so Brock and I both came home with a cold but it was worth it. The last day we went shopping at the Outlet Mall. We had a great time with MiMi, GaGa, Uncle Mike, Aunt Heidi, Uncle Robert, Auntie Jen, Wilson, and Emery. We look foward to next year's trip. Thanks MiMi and GaGa!!!!!!