Sunday, May 24, 2009

A day with my "brother"

The past two days I have spent some time at the Sewing/Embroidery machine. It is a Brother Disney SE-270D. There have been many ups and downs the past two days but finally I was able to get some things finished that look half way decent. I am still learning...
(My mom made the little dresses and John John, I just put the applique on it.)
Here are some things that I have done.

4th Surgery

On Friday, Brock had his 4th laser treatment on his face. He has not had a treatment since November so we were really excited to get this one in. Since he is older we were concerned that it might be a little harder but he did great and did not ask that many questions. Everything went great and he is on the mend. It takes about a week for all the red dots to go away but he has not skipped a beat with playing. Here is the cute little guy in his hospital gown and hat : )

Brock's End of Year Party

On Wednesday, Brock had his last day of school in the Cuddly Cow class. He has had a great time this year! He has learned a lot and made some really sweet friends. The year has gone by really quick and Brock is really sad that school is over. He will start back in September in another class. Here are some pictures from the Picnic and Ice Cream Party.
Last ride in the Bye Bye Buggy

Brock eating his picnic lunch
Brock & Mommy

Brock & Daddy

Brock & Ms. Morgan

Brock & Mrs. Jackson

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Today Brock and I had a pretty uneventful day. We went to the gym this morning, played inside this afternoon, read books, and had a little nap. Brock got a ball pit for his birthday so that is what we played with the most today (see pics below). He loves playing in it. However, balls go all over the house and it is sometimes a pain to pick them all up. Since he loves it so much, we will just deal with it : ) After Brad got home, we went out to play. Brock loves cutting the grass with his bubble mower and today he wanted to wear with Fire Chief hat. He is such a happier little guy when he is outside so we try to get outside play time in often. Tomorrow is his last day of school so we will post pictures from the party soon. Have a great week!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Playdate with Friends

On Friday, Brock and I had a play date with friends. It had been raining all week long so it was so nice to be able to get outside and play. Our friends Megan & McKenzie and Cassie & Braylen came over for play time and lunch. We had so much fun! The kids played inside for a while and then we headed outside. They loved playing on the swing set and with all the outdoor toys. We then came in for lunch. After that it was time for naps so our friends left us. Thanks for coming to play...we had a blast!
Brock cutting the grass with his Bubble Mower...he loves this!
McKenzie swinging...this was her favorite thing to do!

Here is little Braylen going down the slide...his favorite of the day!

Lunch time...yummy : )

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's a BOY

Today Brad and I went for the ultrasound to find out what we were having. Brad totally thought that is was going to be a girl and Brock wanted a "gurl" too. However, God wanted us to have another little boy and that is totally fine with me : ) We have so much boy stuff that can be re-used and Brock needs a little friend to play with. We are so excited about this new addition to our little family. He will join us around September 28th. We will post a name when we decide for sure. Keep little Slocumb in your prayers until he joins us : )

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Already an Overprotective Mom???

Today Brock and I were at the mall trying to waste time until Brad got off work. I had a coupon at Gymboree so we decided to stop in there and look. Brock loves to go in there because they have kiddie chairs and a TV to entertain children while parents shop. I let Brock out of the stroller and he walked over to the blue chair. There were two little girls (probably 3 and 5) already in the other two chairs...who knows where their mom was? Brock walked over, sat down, and just looked around the store. He was precious : ) Then I heard the younger girl talking and I looked around to see her in Brock's face saying "Do you want your sippy cup" in a sassy little voice. I thought...I know that she is not making fun of him! She continued to talk to him like that while he just sat. I felt so sorry for him. He had no idea that she was being ugly, but I did and I did not like it. I walked over to get Brock away from the little brats! The younger girl then looked at me and said "I stepped on his toe". I looked her straight in the face and said in a stern voice "Then you need to apologize to him". I was so mad! Again, who knows where the mom was but I hope that she heard the conversation. Anyways...this just upset me today because I thought, No one is going to make fun of my little boy : )

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sorry for the delay in updating the blog...time is just flying by and we have been so busy. Below is what all has been going on since the last post in February. Hopefully I will get better at updating and keeping everyone up to date on what is going on with us.

We hope that all of our mothers and everyone that is a mother has a wonderful Mother's Day on Sunday. Mother's are very special and we appreciate everything that they do for us : )

Lots of our family & friends have celebrated Birthdays in the past few months so here is your belated Birthday Wish!!!!
Lindsay, Dee, Molly, Mary, Granna, Brian, Mimi, Caroline, Aunt Heidi, Jean, McKenzie, G'daddy Greg, Anna, Matt and Gaga

Baby #2 is growing and is now 19.5 weeks. We find out on May 14th if it is a little boy or girl. We are so excited! Brad & Brock want a little girl and I really do not care either way. I just want a healthy, happy baby : ) We will update with that news at the end of next week.

Enjoy your weekend!!!

Play date

A couple of weeks ago we had a fun play date with Matthew. We went to the Little Bears Indoor Playground in Kennesaw. It was great! They had lots of little toys for babies and toddlers and it was super nice. Brock and Matthew played for a couple of hours then it was time for a nap. Thanks for playing Jennie & Matthew : )

Beach Weekend

In mid April we were able to take a long weekend trip to the Beach. It was wonderful! Thanks to Mimi and Gaga for keeping Brock for us and allowing us to stay at Club Intrawest : ) We took our good friends, Megan & Jason, and had a blast! It was nice to get away. We did not have to keep a schedule and we go to do whatever we wanted! It was windy on the beach but we sat out on the beach for two days and just enjoyed ourselves. The third day we went Outlet, fun, fun!

Easter 2009

We hope that everyone had a good Easter and that the Easter Bunny came and brought you some goodies. We had a good time having Easter at our house this year with my mom, step dad, sister, brother-n-law and niece. The weather was great except for the fact that Brock and Olivia wanted to play with the toys rather than hunt eggs : )

Daddy, Brock & Mommy
Olivia, Aunt Brandi & Uncle Mike

Granna, Olivia, Brock & G'daddy Greg
Olivia & Brock (cousins)
Brock and Olivia playing in the wagon instead of hunting eggs!

Brock's school Easter Party

Brock had his Easter Egg Hunt and Party at the Early Learning Center on April 1. He had a great time with all his little friends. They were so cute...they really did not know what to do with the eggs until one mom started picking them up and then they all just went crazy trying to get all the eggs and candy. They wanted to dump all the candy out and eat it : )

Coming into the classroom riding on the Bye Bye Buggy

Brock and Holden eating their snack

Brock decided it was best to eat his cupcake like this : )

Brock with his teacher, Ms. Morgan

Brock riding in the row boat

Brock with his basket of eggs

More Disney Pics

Brock taking time out for a little snack Brock petting the goats at the Animal Kingdom
Brock with Daisy Duck at the Tusker House Breakfast

Brock with Chip (or Dale)...not sure which one : )
Brock with Donald Duck
Our little family at Epcot

Brock & Daddy on the little Speed Boats
Brock with Tigger at the Crystal Palace Dinner
Brock with Pooh Bear (he loved that Pooh patted him on the back)
Brock with Mommy (this is right before he fell chasing a duck)
One tired little boy : )

Brock swimming with his floates
Daddy & Brock at the Magic Kingdom