Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas !!!

We had a wonderful Christmas! We spent time with all of our families and it was really nice. We enjoyed visiting, opening gifts, eating and the spirit of Christmas. We started our Christmas travel on Saturday the 20th at my dad & step mom's house (Brock calls them Pop & Dee). They live on Lake Weiss in Centre, Alabama. On Tuesday night, we traveled to Auburn to see Brad's parents (Mimi & Gaga). We spent the night and had Christmas with Mimi, Gaga, Aunt Heidi, Uncle Mike, Uncle Robert, Auntie Jen, and cousins Wilson & Emery. We came home late on Christmas Eve night. On Christmas morning we had "Santa" here at our house and Brad cooked breakfast and read the Christmas story. Then we hit the road to Rockmart where my mom & step dad live (Granna & Grandaddy). We had Christmas lunch there with my grandmama, grandaddy, aunt Susan, uncle Steve, cousin Taryn, sister Brandi, brother in law Mike, niece Olivia, mom & step dad. After lunch we headed to Cedartown for our last stop of the day. We had Christmas dinner at my Nanny's house with my dad, step mom Dinah, aunt Opal, uncle Phil, cousins Mary, Matt, Maris & Anna, Brandi, Mike, Olivia, Nanny & Allen. At last we made our trip home to Villa Rica.

Christmas is such a special time of the year. The birth of baby Jesus means something special to each of us but sometimes in all the hustle and bustle we loose sight of that. We should all be thankful for Jesus and what he has done for us. Brad, Brock and I are truly blessed beyond measure and thankful for each of you : )

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy! (Family pictures coming soon.)

Our Family on Christmas morning

Brock in his new little fire chief car

Brock with his money tree... he LOVES dollars!

Brock with Olivia

Emery, Brock & Wilson

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Brock!!!

Brock turned 2 on Sunday, December 21...can you believe it? I cannot believe that he is already that old : ) It seems like yesterday that God blessed us with our sweet little boy named Brock. He is such a special little guy to us and bring us so much joy and laughter. He is constantly changing and learning new things. We celebrated with a Monkey themed party and had a really good time. Here are some pictures from the party. Thanks to everyone who came!!! Happy Brithday, Brock!!!

Brock's Birthday Cake

Brock blowing out his candles

Brock eating his cake...yummy!

Opening presents

Playing at the party with Ava Ann & Caroline

Gingerbread House

One day last week I decided that Brock and I would make our first Gingerbread House together. I had never made one so I had no idea that it took so long. I just thought that we could put it together and decorate it and be done. Wrong! You have to put sides together and wait. Then put the roof on and wait. Then you can finally decorate it. By then you are tired : ) Anyway we finally finished and here is Brock with the Gingerbread House the next day.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Brock's Christmas Party at School

Today, Brock had his Christmas Party at school. They started the party by shaking bells to the song "Jingle Bells". Well, that was the plan but most of the children ran to their mom's and did not participate, including Brock. Ms. Morgan told me that he had been excited about it all morning and then he got really shy. They had made several art projects that were really cute and had made ornaments for the tree. They all had a great time eating their snacks and playing.

The Cuddly Cows

Brock with Ms. Morgan

Brock eating his cookie...yummy!

My little reindeer : )

Monday, December 15, 2008

Time flies... (part 2)

Here is the rest of what we have been up to...

3) Spend the night party

This past Saturday night, we had the pleasure of keeping my niece Olivia overnight. Brock and Olivia had the best time! They played all afternoon, took a bath and splashed up a storm, slept all night long and then played again on Sunday. They were so good and we really enjoyed having her over to spend the night : ) Here are some pics of them playing.

4) Life Group Christmas Party

Sunday night we had our Life Group Christmas party. We decided this year to go out to dinner (Provino's) so that no one had to clean their house and cook. It was a really nice time just sitting and chatting with everyone. We have a wonderful group that is continuing to grow and and we are so excited to be part of it!

5) Brock's Birthday Party at School

Today Brock got to celebrate his 2nd Birthday at school. He was in charge of bringing cupcakes for his special day. He was so excited and talked about "cake" for two days. I let him pick out the kind that he wanted to make and he thought that he was something special. His teacher said that he asked all morning long when they were going to get to have "snack, cake". Here are some pictures from his little party.

Time flies...

...when you are having fun!

As you know I have not been posting lately due to the fact that it takes me all night to download pictures on this very slow computer that we have. Tonight I decided to take the time and let you know what we have been up to the past few weeks.

1) Sewing
I have found little time to sew and embrioder lately but here are a few things that I have made.

Brock's 2nd Birthday shirt

Olivia's snowman shirt

Lincoln's turtle burp cloth

2) Stone Mountain Christmas

Last Saturday we went to Stone Mountain with our friends Megan, Jason, & McKenzie. It was really cold but we had a great time! We got the see The Polar Express in 4-D, ride the train (Brock's favorite), eat funnel cakes and see the Christmas lights. We really enjoyed it and here are some pics from the day.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Week in Review

Sorry I have been really bad at blogging lately : ( As I said before, our computer is really slow so it gets really frustrating trying to do something on it. I am updating tonight while my college class is taking a test because this computer is much faster : )

Brock is back at school this week and he loves it! His teacher told me that he is talking much more and I am so proud of him. She said he says "It's my turn" all the time. He is also saying "I'll do it" and is becoming a very independent little boy. He loves the Christmas tree and says "WOW" when it lights up. Brad got him a train to go around the tree and he loves playing with the "Choo Choo" every minute. He also has a little tree in his room that he likes to take the ornaments off of. We are trying to teach him to look and not touch. So now he walks up to the tree and says "No touch" but "kiss". We wants to kiss all the ornaments instead of touching them....really cute : ) We spent Thanksgiving in Auburn with Brad's family. We had a good time but we did not enjoy the Auburn/Alabama game too much, oh well one in seven is not too bad. However, I am very sad that Tubbs is leaving Auburn. He has been the coach every since Brad and I started going to the games together....sad : ( I think that he is a great guy and I hope that he finds another school that treats him well. We are heading to Stone Mountain this weekend to see all the Christmas stuff with our friends Megan, Jason & McKenzie so we are so excited!!!! I hope that you have a great week!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008


I thought that I would share this funny story with you.....

Today Brock and I went to the Gym. After working out, I went into the Nursery to pick him up but did not see him anywhere. I asked Mrs. Pam where Brock was and she said that he was in the restroom. I looked very puzzled??? She said he wanted to go "potty" so Miss Kelsey took him in the restroom. I told her that he was not at all potty trained and she just laughed. When the door opened, Brock came running out saying "I did it, I did it". I looked at Kelsey and she just shook her head "no". I thought that this was hilarious!!! I do not know what Brock thought that he did but he was so proud. He is getting a potty for Christmas so maybe he is ready...who knows : )

Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's been a while....

Sorry that it has been a while since I have last blogged. Our computer is having some trouble and it takes FOREVER to download pictures so....that is why you have not heard from us in a while. Tonight I have a little time to wait on this slow computer so I will update you on what has been going on : )

Last Friday, Nov. 14, Brock had his 3rd surgery on his face. He is such a big boy and does not seem to mind going to the hospital at all. I am glad that he is not scared since we have about 5 more of these treatments. We are usually at Egleston about 4 hours or so. He gets to wear this cute little hospital gown and hat. He loves it! Also, this time he got to put an armband on his stuffed tiger like him. He thought that was really neat. It will be a week tomorrow and his face is going down. It is no longer swollen but still has some red marks. He is such a little trooper!!

Brock had to miss nursery school this week because of his face but today he got to have a play date with Matthew. Matthew is just 5 months old but they really liked looking at each other and trying to play. I really enjoyed spending time with Jennie and having "adult" conversation : )

That's about it....We did have someone look at out house last Saturday but this is the response that we got, "they liked it but are going to keep looking". To me, this is just a nice way of saying "No, we are not interested". Oh well, hopefully someone will come along soon and just love it. Until then, we are going to put up Christmas decorations this weekend and get in the Christmas spirit : )

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Busy Weekend

This past weekend we were busy, busy. On Friday I took Brock to Cedartown to visit Granna, Memama, Great Grandaddy, Nanny & Allen. He then went to spend the night with Pop and Dee. My sister Brandi, my mom and I went to Christmas Village in Birmingham that afternoon. We love going to the craft show to get neat gifts for people and also ideas on how to make things ourselves. They have lots of cute stuff for girls but not as much for boys...of course. We did manage to spend all our money : ) On Saturday, Brad had to work half a day and I went shopping...all alone. It was so nice. After lunch, we met Pop & Dee to pick up Brock, then headed to Auburn. We missed the Homecoming game but got there just in time for Kim's Surprise Birthday Party at Cock of the Walk. It was lots of fun and great see to all our friends. On Sunday, we went to a baby shower for Mike and Heidi. Baby Bryggen will be born the end of December and we are so excited. So as you can see, we had a very busy weekend. Here are some pics from the party. We hope that you had a great weekend too!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our Little Man

So if you are wondering what Brock does while I am cooking it is! Today he decided to get into his drawer with his hats and he comes out with his hat on backwards or as Brad calls it, his rally cap. Then he goes into my closet and comes out with my flip flops on (he actaully got them on the right feet today). Finally he gets into the kitchen cabinets and gets an oven mit out. Put it all together and this is what you get.... : )

It has been so nice outside this week that Brock and I decided to rake leaves on Monday afternoon. He is such a big help! He has his own rake and he had the best time. Here are some pics of the little man helping mom!

Friday, October 31, 2008


Tonight our church had it's annual Trunk-A-Treat. It was so much fun! We decorated our cars and gave out candy with our Life Group. Midway anticipates 4,000-5,000 people each year for this community outreach. I certainly think that we had at least that many people. It was great!! Brock loved giving out candy to all the little children. He started the night as a little Pirate but when it started to get cold, he turned into a skunk. I decided this afternoon that he needed something a little warmer and this was all I could find on sale today. It was cute enough and served its purpose. We had a great day and we hope that you had a great Halloween!!